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Cucut Gourmet is located right in Manhattan’s theater district at 324 W 47th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenue). We are the preferred choice of Broadway patrons for pre-theater lunch or dinner and after-show drinks. Enjoy our wide selection of Madrid-inspired dishes specifically created for the exquisite New York taste

Cucut have partnered with several theaters to provide discounts to customers who purchased last minute tickets for premium broadway shows. To find out more how to buy last minute tickets you can read this great guide on the subject. Once you come to Cucut simply show your Broadway ticket purchase receipt and you will receive a free drink with your dinner.

For patrons looking to buy regular Broadway tickets, please use the discount code CUCUT at our partners at Broadway Pass. Don’t forget to mention to our host if you have tickets and where they were purchased. You may receive a free drink!

Our blog provides excellent content about Broadway and the shows that are currently running! Go check it out!

Top 5 places for healthy food in Manhattan

Over the years, we have learned to appreciate quality food and to look for more and more modern ways to stick to what is good. Nowadays, it is not difficult to get valuable nutritional properties from food and at the same time to enjoy amazing culinary masterpieces. Usually, Broadway fans after a show like to enjoy good healthy food, a glass of good drink and Manhattan is one of the neighborhoods that abound with such establishments. Whether you are at a table for two or with a big crazy company does not matter, because the places we will show you offer something for every taste.

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is the first CO2 certified Neutral restaurant for 99% plant-based organic food. Offers home delivery or you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in the inner garden. The dishes prepared there are almost entirely plant-based, and gluten-free is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, who have been increasing in number worldwide in recent years. The motto of this restaurant is that food can be used instead of medicine. The menu impresses with unexpected combinations such as gluten-free fusilli with botanical sauce, green herb oil, and a mixture of super seeds. Many spicy ingredients are also used, but no matter what you go for, you can’t go wrong.

Da Andrea

This is a well-known New York restaurant that offers healthy low-fat and gluten-free foods as well as food for vegans and vegetarians. It is very famous for its Italian specialties. Da Andrea is a fine restaurant but informal and is suitable for adults and children. The good news is that parking here is not a problem, and the best part is that the prices are so affordable that it would be a sin not to go!

The Royal 35 Steakhouse

The Royal 35 Steakhouse is 100 meters from the city’s iconic Empire State Building. The atmosphere is very American. The stack is a typical and certified USDA Prime brand Angus Beef for the country, but the difference here is that your goal is not for your cholesterol to skyrocket. There is a lot of seafood on offer – only for connoisseurs!

Cascabel Taqueria West

Mexican food, homemade nachos, and tacos, seafood, friendly atmosphere, fresh drinks, large portions, what else can one want?

Fits well with small and large groups of people.

Arco Cafe

This neat neighborhood restaurant can make the end of the evening wow after a great Broadway show. They offer healthy food, and its reputation among the locals is known for the fact that, among other things, even two can enjoy a portion for one.

Healthy food is basically a religion in Manhattan and NYC in general. However, New Yorkers worship Central Park, too, and so is Broadway! But the fun doesn’t stop here!

History of Central Park

I’m quite sure that there isn’t a single person in Manhattan that doesn’t love Central Park. We love biking on the pathways, kayaking on the Lake, the pedicab tours, even just strolling over the Mall. But what do you know about this park’s rich history? Who are the people behind its creation, the prominent figures that withstood the test of time, and whose names are remembered for 170 years? This brief history lesson will give you some insight into how it all began.

But first – some summarized (and fun) facts

  • Nearly all of the attractions are man-made.
  • Central Park is 167 years old. Its birthday is on July 21.
  • Blowing the rocks from the terrain required more gunpowder than the battle of Gettysburg.
  • Besides the swamps and rocks, there were people living on the designated piece of land. It housed the Seneca Village and the Pigtown, with nearly 1,600 people calling it home. Evicting them was valued at $7.39 million. A fact check shows us that Alaska was purchased for $7.2 million.

The inception of the idea

Fernando Wood

Fernando Wood, NYC Mayor in 1856 issued a design contest about the creation of an urban park. The contest was won by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux and their Greensward Plan. Vaux was inspired by Birkenhead Park in England, which at that time was the first publicly funded park. The plan included large pastoral meadows, lush green woods, and large bodies of water. However, it received several unplanned upgrades later on.


Olmsted and Vaux

The construction began shortly in 1858 but was rather difficult due to the hard terrain. Rocks and swamps were covering most of the field. Soil was moved from various locations in order to create the lawns we know today. The Lake was the first attraction to be open in 1858.

From the 1860s to the end of the century

The ’60s were turbulent – Olmsted and Vaux resigned, but then returned in 1871. Many major attractions were erected in the 60s, namely the Bethesda fountain and terrace. Constructions carried on during the Civil War, and the park had a surge in popularity.

Besides the grand opening, the 70s marked the opening of The Zoo and the Carousel, but increasing costs were a rising issue, and the likes of Broadway and Coney Island beaches were giving Central Park some stiff competition.

The park entered the new century with some serious issues like administrative neglect and a huge peak in popularity but with some light at the end of the tunnel-like the new advocacy organizations and general public interest demanding improvement.

The 20th and the 21st century provide even more events, improvements, struggles, and bright personalities that we’ll cover in another article.

But if you’re looking to enjoy a great day outside of the history books and into Central Park, we recommend our friends of Central Park Tours. They provide excellent biking, walking, and pedicab tours at cheap prices. Also, they’ve recently reached an agreement with OruKayak fro some cool offers!

Starring actors on Broadway, New York

Today we are introducing some of the starring actors, who have taken Broadway by storm. Excited to learn more about the celebrities who play in some of Broadway’s most famous shows, which are a must-see if you happen to be in New York City? Let’s start.

But first, be sure to check out our friends from BroadwayPass, who provide cheap tickets for the best shows on Broadway, as well as some amazing musical theatre content!

Famous actors on Broadway

Who are some of the most popular Broadway actors in New York? Here’re a few favorite stars that can give you ideas of Broadway shows that are worth buying tickets to.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman as the Greatest Showman
The Greatest Showman!

Born in Sydney, Australia, Hugh Jackman has won a Golden Globe, and Tony Award. He also received an Academy Award nomination. His most famous role is as Logan in 20th Century Fox’s blockbuster “X-Men”. He is also starring in musicals like “Les Miserables” and “The Greatest Showman”.
In 2003, the actor starred in Peter Allen’s “The Boy from Oz” at the Imperial Theatre, subsequently winning the “Best Actor in a Musical” in 2004. So, he is definitely a star and one of the most popular actors on and off-Broadway.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker in “The Innocents”

Maybe you know Sarah Jessica Parker as the leading actress in the famous TV show “Sex and the City”. She was the starring actress in 94 episodes between 1998 and 2004. But Sarah Jessica Parker was also starring on Broadway in New York. Her Broadway debut was in the role of Flora in the revival of Willian Archibald’s play “The Innocents” in 1976. The actress also played in many off-Broadway shows like “Sylvia”, which was staged in the Manhattan Theatre Club in 1995. For this show, she received her first Drama Desk Award nomination for “Outstanding Actress in a Play.”

Adrienne Warren

Adrienne Warren and Tina Turner on stage!
Adrienne Warren and Tina Turner on stage!

Mrs. Warren is a famous actress, starring in the “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on Broadway. She plays Tina Turner, working in collaboration with Tina Turner, becoming an Olivier Award nominee. Broadway is not the only place Adrienne is playing. She is also part of the cast of popular American TV series like “Blue Bloods” and “Orange Is the New Black” and “Royal Pains”.

Actors starring on Broadway and on screen

These only a small number of popular actors and actresses, starring both on Broadway and on screen. Who is your favorite actor and which is the best role they have played? Share your opinions and visit Broadway to see your favorite actors’

Do you want to know more about our history with Broadway shows? Or cool things to do in New York City? Or to learn about the best touring company in Central Park? Then head over to our blog!

Fun things to do in New York

Looking for fun ways to explore New York? In New York, there are so many things to do – from must-see tourist attractions to untraditional experiences. Let’s check out this list with fun things to do in New York – the city that never sleeps.

Please note some of these attractions can be temporarily closed or unavailable due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation.

Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

Ever heard of the Brooklyn Bridge? It’s one of the landmark tourist attractions in New York. It will take you around 40 minutes to walk across it. What do you get from the walk? Your bridge tour will also provide panoramic views of lower Manhattan. The Brooklyn side of the bridge ends near the Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is worth a tour too.

Relax on the High Line

The High Line is a once-abandoned elevated train track, which has been turned into a walkway. A public space since 2009, this quirky tourist attraction offers a walking tour across 1.45-mile park’s gardens, as well as the splendid sights of many pretty flowers and plants.

Foodie pleasures at Smorgasburg

Here’s an idea: spend a few hours at Smorgasburg – one of the biggest open-air food markets in the USA, which opens each weekend to attract food lovers from all over the world.  No better way to spend the weekend in New York, so prepare for a delightful tour and taste the world at Smorgasburg.

Art museums tour on the Upper East Side

Do you know that Upper East Side is home to some of New York’s most prestigious art museums? It’s a must-do for every art enthusiast. Start your art tour with the Guggenheim Museum, which hosts impressive impressionist and post-impressionist art collections. From there head to the Neue Galerie, which displays German and Austrian art from the 20th century, including Klimt’s popular “Woman in Gold.” Last but not least, don’t miss New York’s Jewish Museum – a tourist attraction, which showcases New York’s Jewish heritage – from ancient artifacts to background information about Amy Winehouse.

Fun time at Coney Island

Coney Island used to be a seaside resort, which is now seeing the opening of new restaurants, bars, and an amusement park. The atmosphere is special tough – one of faded glory and peculiarity. Take a tour there to enjoy the annual Mermaid Parade, the New York Aquarium, and the Luna Park, among other tourist attractions, located there.

Take a ferry tour to Staten Island

Why not catch the ferry to the popular Staten Island? You’ll get some exciting views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, as well as Ellis Island. The trip is fun and there’s plenty to do there as well. Just ride the ferry and see for yourself.

Watch a Broadway show online

During the COVID 19 pandemic all Broadway and Off-Broadway performances are closed and so are the theaters. But this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Broadway. Simply go to Broadway HD and get a trial subscription which will give you access to a few great performances. If you are wondering what you should choose, I recommend consulting this resource. Our favorite shows are Chicago the Musical and Aladdin.

See some of our previous posts about Broadway Theaters and Shows here.

Central Park Tours Partners With OruKayak

Central Park Tours Inc plans to combine their bike tours with a kayaking tour on the Hudson River with the folding origami boat from Oru Kayak. 

New York, USA:

Central Park Tours has partnered up with Oru Kayak – the folding origami boat to bring the ultimate surf and turf experience to New York. Enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride around Central Park in combination with an invigorating kayaking tour down the Hudson river. It is the perfect NYC day trip that combines a sea-land sightseeing tour with an upper-lower body active workout along with a bike ride in the famous Central Park.

As one of the leaders for guided tours providers in NYC Central Park Tours Inc are always striving to improve their service or offer unique value to their customers. The company’s manager Teodor Panterov sees their partnership with Oru Kayak as an opportunity to “make the Central Park and NYC experience even better”. 

Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak became a Kickstarter hit in 2012. Its inventor Anton Willis managed to win the hearts and minds of more than 700 investors with a total of $443,806 in investments. The kayak’s simple and yet effective design won several awards. But it’s competitive advantage lies with how easy city dwellers can own and store a kayak. The boat is made from one sheet of corrugated plastic, with simple connections for easy assemblage.When folded up, the kayak leaves enough room in its carrying case for a four-piece collapsible paddle and a life jacket.

About Central Park Tours : Central Park Tours Inc have been working tirelessly since 2006 to provide their customers from the USA and abroad with top quality guided tours, superb event management, picnic arrangements and outstanding customer service at the most competitive prices. Whether customers are planning to spend an entire day in the park or less than an hour the Central Park Inc team can accommodate their needs and requirements.

The most popular tours include the Central Park Bike Tour, Walking Tour, Brooklyn Bridge Tour, Pedicab Tour, and more. Their team can also help you with the organization and coordination of corporate events (team-building), school orientation programs and even a family gathering in the Park. They can also prepare and do the catering for your next picnic in Central Park. If you have plans to get married in the park, they are here to make your day a special one, too!


Company name: Central Park Tours Inc

Address: 1666 Broadway, New York, 10019

Phone: +1 (347) 746-8687


Top 5 restaurants for pre-Broadway show dinner

New York city has a lot to offer in terms of fine dining options and bars. It is a bit of a Broadway tradition to visit one of the iconic restaurants before you go to the theater. After the show many people decide to go for a drink in one of the bars near Times Square in the Theater District. In this article we will introduce you to our favorite 5 restaurants to go before and after your play or musical. 

301 W 47th Street, New York, NY 10003

This is a great establishment which is close to all the theaters. It offers fine dining options and great Spanish cuisine. Usually the wait time is no more than 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes on busy nights. We recommend that you try the tapas and as far as drinks go- the Margarita is great. The restaurant is close to Chicago – The Musical and Aladdin so if you have tickets to any of these shows, Cucut is great option for pre-theater dinner. 

Tony Di Napoli’s
1081 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10065 | Bet 63rd & 64th St

Tony’s is a real New York and Broadway icon. It has been around since 1893. The kitchen is inspired by the south Neapolitan heritage of the original founder. The recipes are handed from parents to children and it will be hard to find a more authentic Italian cuisine near Times Square. The establishment is appropriate for large families as well as couples. As far as Broadway goes it is close to Beautiful – The Carole King Musical and the home of Beetlejuice – the Winter Garden Theatre.

Angelo’s Pizza
1697 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

You can’t come to New York and not have a real New York-style pizza slice. A great place to do this is Angelo’s Pizzeria. This restaurant has seating availability but most of the patrons come in and out for a slice. Angelo’s is a 4th generation family operation that has been making great Italian styles Pizza’s forever. The founder, Angelo’s, was famous for the attention he paid to the crust. “It should be blackened and crispy!”. His recipes were handed down to his children and nephews who continued the family business to this day.

What we recommend is buy some tickets for Dear Evan Hansen (you can buy tickets here and read more about the show here), go to Angelo’s about one hour prior to the start of your performance and have a slice of the Long Island Grandma’s

Katz Deli
(212) 254-2246
205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Katz is by far our favorite New York style Deli. If you want a classic pastrami sandwich on a pumpernickel bread you will not find anything better than Katz’s. Their secret is in the slow process of curing the meat without using any chemicals. It takes longer but the results are worthed. There is a reason why this dining establishment is a favorite of New York’s elite. Prices are on the higher end but the extra bucks are well worthed.

We included Katz’s in this list although it is not close to the Theater District. But it is just so good and such an iconic New York place that we couldn’t exclude it. 

If you have theater tickets and you are eating at Katz’s the best way to get to your show is taking the subway. If you are uncomfortable riding the train a taxi will cost you about $30.

Last but not least is
Etcetera Etcetera
352 W 44th St (between 8th and 9th Aves.) New York, NY 10031

Etcetera Etcetera is a great example of simple but good American cuisine. If you are looking for a simple, humble but clean and delicious restaurant – this is your place. It is right in the middle of the theater district so it is just a walking distance from pretty much all Broadway shows. We recommend trying the WILD MUSHROOMS AND BÉCHAMEL CRÉPES. They are heavenly. 

The bar is pretty great too. Grab a drink while you wait for a table. We recommend the Negroni. 

This concludes our short list of 5 top restaurants to get a pre-theater dinner near the Broadway shows. New York has a lot to offer in terms of dining but these are our favorites. But be adventurous and explore. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about restaurants or about the best places to buy tickets

Do you want to know who the biggest crossover Broadway/Hollywood stars are? Or what about the history that Cucut and Broadway shows share?