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Cucut Gourmet is located right in Manhattan’s theater district at 324 W 47th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenue). We are the preferred choice of Broadway patrons for pre-theater lunch or dinner and after-show drinks. Enjoy our wide selection of Madrid-inspired dishes specifically created for the exquisite New York taste

Cucut have partnered with several theaters to provide discounts to customers who purchased last minute tickets for premium broadway shows. To find out more how to buy last minute tickets you can read this great guide on the subject. Once you come to Cucut simply show your Broadway ticket purchase receipt and you will receive a free drink with your dinner.

For patrons looking to buy regular Broadway tickets, please use the discount code CUCUT at our partners at Broadway Pass. Don’t forget to mention to our host if you have tickets and where they were purchased. You may receive a free drink!

Our blog provides excellent content about Broadway and the shows that are currently running! Go check it out!

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