Best Places for a Christmas Dinner: Holiday Mood in New York

Whether you’re looking for a roast, a good holiday cracker, or staring out of a festive Christmas window, New York restaurants are a joy. Now you just have to find a place to get together with your friends, family, and friends in the most popular areas of the city. There are the best places for a Christmas dinner in New York!


Alfred Portale, who left the prestigious Gotham Bar & Grill earlier this year, has opened a more modern menu of pasta, vegetables, crudo, and grilled dishes. The minimalist dining room and friendly service provide the perfect setting to enjoy Korean-inspired dishes such as kimchi, bok choy, pork belly, and more. Soho offers a prix fixe menu, but the elegant space also features a chef-in-art grill with the slogan “Italy meets NY. 

Mix the flavors of New York’s most popular restaurants with seasonal dishes from around the world and local ingredients. 

Fish Cheeks

Here you can taste the latest esoteric dishes from the Matterhaus kitchen on Christmas Eve. Estela is always a great restaurant for important celebrations, but check out the menu for a more traditional Christmas dinner. Named after an “Asian delicacy,” this fish Thai appetizer is run by the same family and is in its third year in New York. 


Owner Maiko Kyogoku, who works with hip contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, opened this stylish space, which serves innovative plates, many of which are based on her family’s recipes. Japanese cuisine and make sure you crave dishes like sushi and ramen before you crave a dish like this sushi Rama. 

On Christmas Eve there is a prix fixe menu and they serve a feast of seven steaks, including a special Christmas dinner for two with one side of Christmas cake and a dessert for three. 


Chef Joaquin Baca helped bring David Chang’s Momofuku empire into the mainstream before moving to Brooklyn to open his own restaurant. Now he’s back in Manhattan, focusing on a 53-seater named after the Japanese word for Boom. The Met Breuer restaurant opens on December 24 and serves small appetizers on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with a special Christmas dinner for two for $200 and a prix fixe menu of seven steaks and four desserts for three. Spend Christmas Eve in the glamour city, but You were in Manhattan recently and you were focused on one of the best Christmas dinners in New York City, in this 53-seat restaurant named after the Japanese word “boom.”

These are the best places for a Christmas dinner in New York. They provide great traditional dishes along with a superb holiday atmosphere for a better Christmas experience!

And then you can go for a glass of wine!