Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Manhattan

Vegetarianism is a diet that allows the use of only plant foods. Vegetariansbelieve that only plant foods are natural for humans. In different parts of the world, millions of people follow a vegetarian diet, although the nature of their diet differs according to their different beliefs. Some vegetarians also avoid products of animal origin: others refrain only from meat and poultry, but eat fish if it has been caught with a net; others consume only raw plant foods, convinced that raw fruits and vegetables are more nutritious. According to these taste preferences, many restaurants build their menu to please even the most sophisticated palate. That is why we give you the best vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan.

Trattoria Trecolori

Suitable for both a romantic candlelight dinner and large groups of friends, this Italian place enchants with style, and its tiramisu is the best you will have eaten. A good choice for a business meeting, the atmosphere is calm and suitable for high-level talks. Nothing will interrupt your in-depth dialogue.


What’s more vegan friendly than a Japanese restaurant. There you will be served without problems exactly what you are looking for. Vitamin dishes – raw and without a drop of animal trace, they will make you want more and more. The most interesting thing is that you can create your own dish and put in it whatever you want. Cool, huh?


This restaurant is super casual and unpretentious. Favorite dining area for people from the neighborhood and vegan Broadway fans. Offers all variations of Mexican food as well as seafood. Tacos are memorable, and guacamole makes you think you’re in Mexico.


We have all seen Greek movies and we know that the Greeks are a people who like food to be skillfully prepared according to ancient recipes like the world, the table is full of dishes and there is nothing missing. This restaurant is the epitome of Greek culture. The atmosphere is like sitting on the beach in Thassos. Greek music, so specific and rhythmic, a glass of ouzo and zucchini in Greek, what more?


What do you think of when someone says France? Romantic evening, dim light, a glass of fine wine, and incredibly refined cuisine. This is exactly what you will get if you decide to trust Marseille. There you will be greeted by white tablecloths and luxury napkins. The location is great and just imagine how many interesting dishes for vegetarians and vegans would be prepared according to various interesting French recipes.

The best vegetarian restaurants in Manhattan are a standout when it comes to gastronomic standards. They are a part of a huge pantheon when it comes to dining in Theater District. This makes a Broadway a wholesome experiencedinner, show, and drinks!