Central Park Tours Partners With OruKayak

Central Park Tours Inc plans to combine their bike tours with a kayaking tour on the Hudson River with the folding origami boat from Oru Kayak. 

New York, USA:

Central Park Tours has partnered up with Oru Kayak – the folding origami boat to bring the ultimate surf and turf experience to New York. Enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride around Central Park in combination with an invigorating kayaking tour down the Hudson river. It is the perfect NYC day trip that combines a sea-land sightseeing tour with an upper-lower body active workout along with a bike ride in the famous Central Park.

As one of the leaders for guided tours providers in NYC Central Park Tours Inc are always striving to improve their service or offer unique value to their customers. The company’s manager Teodor Panterov sees their partnership with Oru Kayak as an opportunity to “make the Central Park and NYC experience even better”. 

Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak became a Kickstarter hit in 2012. Its inventor Anton Willis managed to win the hearts and minds of more than 700 investors with a total of $443,806 in investments. The kayak’s simple and yet effective design won several awards. But it’s competitive advantage lies with how easy city dwellers can own and store a kayak. The boat is made from one sheet of corrugated plastic, with simple connections for easy assemblage.When folded up, the kayak leaves enough room in its carrying case for a four-piece collapsible paddle and a life jacket.

About Central Park Tours : Central Park Tours Inc have been working tirelessly since 2006 to provide their customers from the USA and abroad with top quality guided tours, superb event management, picnic arrangements and outstanding customer service at the most competitive prices. Whether customers are planning to spend an entire day in the park or less than an hour the Central Park Inc team can accommodate their needs and requirements.

The most popular tours include the Central Park Bike Tour, Walking Tour, Brooklyn Bridge Tour, Pedicab Tour, and more. Their team can also help you with the organization and coordination of corporate events (team-building), school orientation programs and even a family gathering in the Park. They can also prepare and do the catering for your next picnic in Central Park. If you have plans to get married in the park, they are here to make your day a special one, too!


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