Fun things to do in New York

Looking for fun ways to explore New York? In New York, there are so many things to do – from must-see tourist attractions to untraditional experiences. Let’s check out this list with fun things to do in New York – the city that never sleeps.

Please note some of these attractions can be temporarily closed or unavailable due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation.

Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

Ever heard of the Brooklyn Bridge? It’s one of the landmark tourist attractions in New York. It will take you around 40 minutes to walk across it. What do you get from the walk? Your bridge tour will also provide panoramic views of lower Manhattan. The Brooklyn side of the bridge ends near the Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is worth a tour too.

Relax on the High Line

The High Line is a once-abandoned elevated train track, which has been turned into a walkway. A public space since 2009, this quirky tourist attraction offers a walking tour across 1.45-mile park’s gardens, as well as the splendid sights of many pretty flowers and plants.

Foodie pleasures at Smorgasburg

Here’s an idea: spend a few hours at Smorgasburg – one of the biggest open-air food markets in the USA, which opens each weekend to attract food lovers from all over the world.  No better way to spend the weekend in New York, so prepare for a delightful tour and taste the world at Smorgasburg.

Art museums tour on the Upper East Side

Do you know that Upper East Side is home to some of New York’s most prestigious art museums? It’s a must-do for every art enthusiast. Start your art tour with the Guggenheim Museum, which hosts impressive impressionist and post-impressionist art collections. From there head to the Neue Galerie, which displays German and Austrian art from the 20th century, including Klimt’s popular “Woman in Gold.” Last but not least, don’t miss New York’s Jewish Museum – a tourist attraction, which showcases New York’s Jewish heritage – from ancient artifacts to background information about Amy Winehouse.

Fun time at Coney Island

Coney Island used to be a seaside resort, which is now seeing the opening of new restaurants, bars, and an amusement park. The atmosphere is special tough – one of faded glory and peculiarity. Take a tour there to enjoy the annual Mermaid Parade, the New York Aquarium, and the Luna Park, among other tourist attractions, located there.

Take a ferry tour to Staten Island

Why not catch the ferry to the popular Staten Island? You’ll get some exciting views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, as well as Ellis Island. The trip is fun and there’s plenty to do there as well. Just ride the ferry and see for yourself.

Watch a Broadway show online

During the COVID 19 pandemic all Broadway and Off-Broadway performances are closed and so are the theaters. But this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Broadway. Simply go to Broadway HD and get a trial subscription which will give you access to a few great performances. If you are wondering what you should choose, I recommend consulting this resource. Our favorite shows are Chicago the Musical and Aladdin.

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