Native American Cuisine In New York City

The best way to examine a foreign culture is through the local cuisine. The specific spices and dishes can tell you much about the life of the native. Although there is no such thing as American cuisine (it is a fusion cuisine), New York City is the right place to learn what Americans prefer to eat. Here are some restaurants where you can try native American cuisine in New York City:

Indian Road Cafe

Indian Road Cafe is a cozy place located on 218th Street in Manhattan. It opened in 2008 as a restaurant where you can have a quiet family dinner or drink craft beers with friends. The place is right next to Inwood Hill Park, and it is full during warm sunny days. People stop by not only to enjoy a proper meal but also because of the strong aromatic coffee they serve there. 

Indian Road Cafe is the perfect choice for any time of the day – it has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Moreover, the restaurant is separated into two sections – the main sitting area and a cozy corner with couches and wingback chairs, which makes it suitable for both casual and special gatherings. If you wonder what to order when first visit it, the beef lasagna and the brisket sandwich are very delicious. And for dessert – the crumbly chocolate chip cookie. 

El Jeffe

El Jeffe is a Mexican restaurant on Fulton Street, Brooklyn. It is not a pretentious place, so prepare to eat from plastic plates. The seating space is small, so it is better to order for home. However, if you search for delicious food at a fair price, you will be more than satisfied. The place is busy, but you will not wait much for your order. Visitors can choose from several types of taco, quesadillas, and salads, but the grilled shrimp taco is their specialty.

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana is, as the name suggests, a plant-based Mexican restaurant which you can find on several locations in New York City. The Jajaja aims to attract all vegetarian and vegan people to Mexican cuisine, but it also attracts many carnivores because the food is extremely delicious. The restaurant proves that meat is not what makes burritos so amazing because, trust me, their plant-based chorizo is even better than the original. Besides, they serve great alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit cocktails. Their best dishes are nachos, chorizo taco, and ceviche.

The MasalaWala

The MasalaWala is the most visited Indian restaurant in Manhattan. It is a small place with a charming interior and hospitable staff. Their Chicken Tikka Masala and Gobi Manchurian are amazing but a little spicier than you expect Indian dishes to be. All guests are welcomed with a free appetizer. The MasalaWala is a good option for your family dinner because of the cozy atmosphere, but better make a reservation before you visit it because there are not so many tables. The menu is varied and offers vegetarian, vegan, and dietary dishes.  

Native American Cuisine In New York is something pretty unique. The listed places have a great variety of dishes that are far different from anything you can taste. You can combine it with a visit to a Broadway show or a walk in Central Park.

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