The dress code of the NYC restaurant

Prestigious restaurants often have rules which all visitors must follow. There is not only a requirement for a previous reservation or restricted time for sitting around the table but also a dress code. Let’s learn more about the dress code of the NYC restaurant:

Casual dress code

When a restaurant has a casual dress code, you should know that this type of “casual” does not include sweatpants. Casual stands for comfortable but still elegant outfits. It is not recommended to wear ripped jeans or flip flops because you are going to make a bad first impression. Moreover, your linen pants may look elegant, but it is better to choose clothes made of smooth fabrics like lycra, velvet, and suede. Besides, dark shades are not appropriate, so choose clothing in light colors.

A proper outfit for men is a collarless shirt combined with a pair of jeans or relaxed-legged trousers and leather shoes. Corduroy trousers are also a good option in case of cold weather.

Women have a great choice of what to wear because skirts and dresses can be a part of a casual outfit. Of course, they can wear a pair of jeans or plain cotton pants with a t-shirt, but it is easier to put on a dress with proper length and a pair of leather loafers.

Formal dress code

There are not many restaurants in NYC that require formal dressing. However, if you are going to visit one, it is mandatory to follow the dress code.

The formal dress code does not only require to put on your best clothes and jewelry. It demands your hair to be in good condition, which means no greasy or messy hair. Moreover, women should have make-up, but not too heavy. Stained or crumpled clothes are inappropriate. It is better to choose a monochromatic outfit. For instance, black, white, and red are classic colors. But if you do not like them, choose your favorite.

The male formal dress code requires tuxedos with a tie or bow tie, vest, and a shirt. The classic look is a black suit with a white shirt, but feel free to dress according to your own fashion sense. If you wonder about the shoes – a pair of Oxford shoes is what you need for the occasion.

The formal dress code allows women to dress in glamorous gowns that emphasize their curves. Dressy separates are also appropriate. Although little dresses are counted as suitable clothing, long gowns are considered to be more elegant. High heels are recommended.

This is the dress code of the NYC restaurant. If you want to spend quality time at a top-end place keep in mind to dress in spite of it. Have it in mind when visiting these famous places where you can feel like a movie star or these getaways. Also, Broadway is just next door.