Top 5 NYC restaurants featured in movies

It is enough for a New York cafe or a restaurant to appear in a TV series or a movie to become a hit. It attracts hundreds of fans and gains international fame. Let’s see the top 5 NYC restaurants featured in movies where you can feel like a Hollywood star: 

Smith and Wollensky

You can find Smith and Wollensky at 397 3rd Avenue, NYC. The restaurant opened in 1977, offering the most delicious steakhouses in the city. However, the menu does not only consists of dishes with the legendary steakhouse. Visitors can also enjoy fresh seafood with seasonal vegetables or lamb with creamed spinach.

Smith and Wollensky is a prestigious, expensive place. It became even more popular when it appeared in the movie Devil Wears Prada in 2006. In the film, Meryl Streep plays the role of Miranda Priestly – a fashion magazine editor, and Anne Hathaway plays the role of Andrea – Miranda’s co-assistant. In one of the scenes, Andrea goes to a classy restaurant (Smith and Wollensky) to get a steak for Miranda. 

Magnolia Bakery

Any real New York location that is shown in Sex and the City has become instantly famous. The TV series is emblematic for New York City. Its fans’ dream is to walk on the streets of NYC in the shoes of one of the four best friends – Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha. And not only metaphorically, but also literally because the four characters are fashion addicts and wear only expensive branded shoes.

Magnolia Bakery is one of the places which appear in the TV series. In season 3, episode 5, Carrie and Miranda are sitting in front of the bakery eating cupcakes. This scene is what made hundreds of fans visit the small bakery. You can find it on the corner of Bleecker Street and West 11th Street. The charming bakery offers cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and coffee.

Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant

This is a seafood restaurant that opened in 1913. It offers more than 25 types of fish, oysters, and other seafood specialties. The prices are high, but the food is delicious. 

Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant became famous when it appeared in the 7th episode of the American TV series Mad Men in 2007. The series is about a fictional advertising agency on Madison Avenue named Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The main character is Don Draper – a founding partner of the agency.  In the 7th episode “Red in the Face” Don and his partner Roger eat oysters and drink martinis in Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant. 

Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza, established in 1975, serves the best classic street-style pizza in NYC. It is delicious and has a thin crispy base. The pizzeria is always full, but the prices are low. The pepperoni or the fresh mozzarella pizza is the best choice.  

 Joe’s Pizza attracted more clients when a part of the Spiderman 2 was shot there. In the movie, Peter Parker worked in Joe’s Pizza as a delivery man. 

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is a private space on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Plaza. It closed in 2007 because of the financial crisis, but in 2014 it reopened renovated. The Rainbow Room offers classic and contemporary American cuisine. It is a prestigious place with fascinating architecture and interior. You will need a lot of money to rent it for a special occasion. 

The Rainbow Room appeared in many TV shows. For example – Will and Grace. The sitcom is about the friendship between Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack. In episode 19, season 4, Will’s parents celebrate their wedding anniversary in The Rainbow Room. To join the celebration dinner, Karen and Jack have to climb the stairs to the 65th floor because Karen is afraid to be on an elevator.  

Go and feel like your favorite character! These restaurants featured in movies will do just that! Hollywood and Broadway are in a race for the hearts of New Yorkers.

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