Top 5 places for healthy food in Manhattan

Over the years, we have learned to appreciate quality food and to look for more and more modern ways to stick to what is good. Nowadays, it is not difficult to get valuable nutritional properties from food and at the same time to enjoy amazing culinary masterpieces. Usually, Broadway fans after a show like to enjoy good healthy food, a glass of good drink and Manhattan is one of the neighborhoods that abound with such establishments. Whether you are at a table for two or with a big crazy company does not matter, because the places we will show you offer something for every taste.

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is the first CO2 certified Neutral restaurant for 99% plant-based organic food. Offers home delivery or you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in the inner garden. The dishes prepared there are almost entirely plant-based, and gluten-free is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, who have been increasing in number worldwide in recent years. The motto of this restaurant is that food can be used instead of medicine. The menu impresses with unexpected combinations such as gluten-free fusilli with botanical sauce, green herb oil, and a mixture of super seeds. Many spicy ingredients are also used, but no matter what you go for, you can’t go wrong.

Da Andrea

This is a well-known New York restaurant that offers healthy low-fat and gluten-free foods as well as food for vegans and vegetarians. It is very famous for its Italian specialties. Da Andrea is a fine restaurant but informal and is suitable for adults and children. The good news is that parking here is not a problem, and the best part is that the prices are so affordable that it would be a sin not to go!

The Royal 35 Steakhouse

The Royal 35 Steakhouse is 100 meters from the city’s iconic Empire State Building. The atmosphere is very American. The stack is a typical and certified USDA Prime brand Angus Beef for the country, but the difference here is that your goal is not for your cholesterol to skyrocket. There is a lot of seafood on offer – only for connoisseurs!

Cascabel Taqueria West

Mexican food, homemade nachos, and tacos, seafood, friendly atmosphere, fresh drinks, large portions, what else can one want?

Fits well with small and large groups of people.

Arco Cafe

This neat neighborhood restaurant can make the end of the evening wow after a great Broadway show. They offer healthy food, and its reputation among the locals is known for the fact that, among other things, even two can enjoy a portion for one.

Healthy food is basically a religion in Manhattan and NYC in general. However, New Yorkers worship Central Park, too, and so is Broadway! But the fun doesn’t stop here!