Top Greek Restaurants in Manhattan

Καλησπέρα! Can you name a place with probably a hundred islands, ancient history, amazing cuisine, and great drinks? A place south enough to have at least 9 months of summer, and far enough to be considered super exotic? If Greece is the first place to come to mind, then you are on the right track. As I love to say – the best way to touch a culture is through its cuisine, so here are the top Greek restaurants in Manhattan!


Along with its excellent food, Nerai is known around the block with several events that are aimed at bringing Greek culture and cuisine closer to the inhabitants of Manhattan, like Oyster Mondays, Santorini Sundays, Mid-Week Eye Candy, and more!

Nerai’s most popular dishes include Grilled Octopus, Greek Salad, Lamb Chops, and Lavraki, but you’re able to find nearly anything from the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine at an excellent level. The wine is from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Greek islands. It is fresh, exotic, tasty, and rather strong.

 55 E 54th St; New York, NY 10022; b/t Madison Ave & Park Ave; Midtown East

Loi Estiatorio

Famous for its lamb shank, seafood orzo, Greek lasagna, Loi Estiatorio is a great place with an excellent atmosphere and super friendly staff. The food is always fresh, warm, and tasty. I’m quite sure that they have a teleport somewhere in the kitchen and port things directly from the Aegean coast. 

The place is of medium size and is furnished in a traditional, but very comfy manner, which makes it perfect for a decent-sized gathering.

132 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019 b/t 7th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas, Midtown West

EONS Greek Food for Life

Greek Food for Life!!! That’s a motto I can follow! 

EONS Greek Food for Life is a rather small place but provides a rich menu and an excellent take-out service. The staff is very friendly and helpful, very familiar with the product they are selling, so you’re more than welcome to ask whatever comes to your mind (regarding the food), and you’ll be advised on what to buy.

They provide nearly anything from the Greek cuisine and are very famous for their Chickpea Salad, Chicken Pita, and Yeero.

633 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016 b/t 35th St & 34th St Murray Hill, Midtown East


Literally means “essence” from Greek. Ousia provides probably the best Greek seafood on the block.

Ousia is famous for its grilled octopus, pan-seared market fish, and gyro sliders. By the way, the Gyros is getting a huge spike in popularity, and I believe that it deserves more time by an article of its own.

The place has a modern urban feel. It is very cozy, and of medium size, so it is big enough to fit your closest friends and family for a good night out. 

I know a few Greeks, and all of them are pretty chill and relaxed. They enjoy a good glass of ouzo and a day on the beach. If you want to feel the same vide they carry, then be sure to visit those top Greek restaurants in Manhattan.

And I’m sure you know that Ancient Greek drama is the forefather of modern-day theater. So, Broadway first existed in Ancient Athens. Many of today’s shows carry the notion of the Ancient classics, so I believe that the combo Greek dinner and a show will be amazing! 

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