Top New York Restaurants Where Movie Stars Eat

New York City is the home of a major part of the global movie stars. As an entertainment hub, NYC has a well-developed network of high-end restaurants. Read below to know the top restaurants where movie stars eat!

Mark’s Restaurant

Visit Mark’s Restaurant, run by former “Star Wars” star Mark Ruffalo, where you’ll find celebrities sniffing around for truffles, pizza, and other delicious food.

The restaurant is located in New York City and offers all kinds of delicious food and drinks, as well as great views of the Manhattan skyline.


Delmonico is as close as a New York steakhouse, and just think it just celebrated its 180th birthday. Since the opening of the Italian restaurant, it has been Ground Zero for celebrities, but it is considered the only place in the world with a printed menu and private dining room for stars. 


Next time you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious meal, shop in SoHo or meet your favorite stars for a selfie, visit the restaurants where you’re most likely to spot celebrities. The venues on 57th Street and Tribeca are always full, and you can find them everywhere, but of course, you have to eat. If you’re in the Big Apple and want a better chance of spotting a celebrity, check out our list of the best New York restaurants to spot celebrities if you happen to be shopping in or around Soho.


Marea is one of the best restaurants in New York, so J-Lo loves it and has an A-Rod. In New York, you can try the cuisine and sample the food straight from Chang’s kitchen, from roast chicken to churros and macaroni and cheese. 

Think of a Woody Allen movie about New York, and chances are that the opening, middle, and end are shots of the Brooklyn Bridge, which looks out over the Manhattan skyline. This unique restaurant in New York City is a complete dining and entertainment package that can keep guests entertained after they leave the place. The atmosphere is as impressive as the beautiful club and private VIP lounge where you can eat and drink. It is located at the top of New Jersey Avenue, just a few blocks from the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty. 

Celebrities are well-known for their good taste. So, these places are famous no only for their popular visitors, but for their kitchen and atmosphere. After all, there’s a good reason that these are the restaurants where movie stars eat.

We’re all about international cuisine. Check out our articles on Greek and Chinese restaurants around Manhattan. Many movie stars tend to keep their figure by being vegetarians! This goes well by working out in Central Park!